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What does BuyToMe do?

Why use purchasing service?
What does BuyToMe do?
The advantage of BuyToMe?

Why use purchasing service?
1.China has the most abundant products in the world, is the production base of the world.
2.China offers the world's cheapest price, is the best Wholesale Price for you
3. BuyToMe can help you developping more business,we can be the good business partner.

What does BuyToMe do?
BuyToMe accepts US dollars, and also supports  , , , and Telegraphic Transfer payment methods.
● Update the latest order status in real time system, easy to understand the order status in any time.
● Purchasing for you : negotiation with the seller, confirmation for stocks
● Inspection the item:  free return/exchange when the product with issues is still in China.
(includes quantity, size, color, design and obvious visual defects.)
● Do WeighingActual Weight and Repackaging
● Consolidate all your orders together into a single shipment, repack your individual items to reduce size/weight, save your international shipping cost
(normally 1/3-1/2 of the shipping fee can be saved)
● Perfect return / exchange service is guaranteed. If you find any product issue belonging to our scope of inspection after you receive it,
● 90 days of free storage.
● Professional customer service team to answer any questions you have during the purchasing process.

 The advantage of BuyToMe?
1.BuyToMe will save you a large amount of shipment fees by consolidating all the orders into one shipment(Separate delivery will cost a lot)
2.BuyToMe offer more and better service  than any other servicers,including:Inspecting--WeighingActual Weight--Repackaging--Good after-sale servicers.
3.BuyToMe will solve communication problems in terms of different language and time difference.